Open Source Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

  • Jan – Open Source ChatGTP alternative that runs locally

Understand behaviour

Experimentation and testing

  • GrowthBook – feature flagging and a/b testing
  • PostHog – a beast with multiple included tools
  • OpenReplay – session replay and analytics
  • Mojoto – super light platform split test experiment
  • Wasabi – AB testing

Analytics layer and customer data

Get and move data

  • Airbyte – ELT. Get data from 100s of sources (Google Analytics, Shopify, etcโ€ฆ) to your data warehouse
  • Apache Airflow
  • Meltano – ELT for the code-first heroes
  • Singer – code-first ETL

Visualize data

  • Lightdash – a dbt-first BI tool known as a Looker alternative (this caught my attention)
  • Apache Superset – super complete BI tool from the guys of Airbnb
  • Metabase – a Looker-like data visualization platform that does not require dbt
  • Amundsen – data catalogue by Lyft
  • EDA Hastic – Pattern and anomaly detection for Grafana
  • Grafana
  • Redash

Privacy and compliance

  • Ethyca – privacy and compliance software