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Denis Rasia is a solution designer for web and digital analytics, he works based in Treviso (Italy) and runs digital analytics consultancy projects.

He is certified for:

  • Google Analytics
  • Segment

His work experience has led him to collaborate with major brands and agencies, helping them to translate their business needs into technical solutions such as:

  • Audit of GTM and GA4 implementations
  • Integration with the Consent Management Platforms and the setting of the Consent Mode
  • Preparation of measurement plans
  • Identification of the most suitable KPIs

Among the main projects:

  • Setting up firebase analytics in iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Design and planning of AB Test
  • Configuration of Google Tag Manager, GA4 and GA
  • Integration of consent management platforms
  • Consultancy for reading and analyzing data

He can undertake projects in English language.

Among the projects curated in his work experience: Ducati, Barilla, Luisa Spagnoli.

Denis Rasia
Denis Rasia
Denis Rasia è un consulente digital analytics e digital marketing specializzato nella piattaforma Google Analytics 4 e nella customer data platform di Segment.